Craft Your Love Story with Brulique

Whether you want to showcase your love for someone else or give yourself a little self-love, you can find it all at Brulique. Located in Newmarket Plaza, Brulique features a wide range of fine jewellery, unique pieces, and top quality craftsmanship.

Fine Jewel Options


When you visit the showroom at Brulique, you can browse through a wide assortment of fine jewel options. Display cases are filled with elegant rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings among other pieces. Finishes include 24K gold, silver, platinum, and white gold.

Experienced jewelers can go over details with you and even showcase the exquisite detail and quality of specific diamonds under a microscope.

Antique Jewellery


Along with newly crafted pieces, Brulique features a large assortment of antique jewellery. Every time you stop in the Newmarket Plaza, you never know what antique pieces you will find. The pieces include brooches and rings from the Victorian era, along with necklaces and pendants that showcase a vintage style.

Some of the pieces include detailed information like where the piece originated from and the exact materials each element is crafted from. Due to the age and quality, many of the antique jewellery pieces found at Brulique are one of a kind.

Custom Jewellery


Even with a large inventory of new jewellery and antique pieces, Brulique offers customers the opportunity to create their own custom jewellery. Custom jewellery can include something as simple as an engraved message on the inside of a wedding band to a complete mock-up of your diamond ring setting.

Browse through loose diamond options to find the ideal shape and size that fits your needs and then create a custom setting to showcase the stone. Consult with one of the experienced jewelers at Brulique to start the custom design process. They will help you put a piece together that matches your vision.

Visit Brulique in the Newmarket Plaza to see their large collection of fine jewellery. They are open every Saturday and other days by appointment.

Brulique Fine Jewellery


130 Davis Drive,
Ontario, L3Y 2N1


Open on Saturday, 10am-6pm
Other days by appointment
Please call 416-878-9676