Your pet deserves the best when it comes to pet food and they can get treated well when you shop at Global Pet Foods in the Newmarket Plaza. With a variety of food options for all kinds of animals, dietary needs, and breed sizes, you can make Global Pet Foods a regular stop for your animal needs.

Natural Pet Foods

Global Pet Foods places a strong emphasis on natural pet foods for cats, dogs, and other animals. Instead of processed ingredients or foods with lots of fillers, you can trust the all-natural brands sold here. Some of the brands Global Pet Foods carries includes Canada Fresh, Carna 4, Almo Nature, Farmina Pet Foods, Pure Vita, and The Honest Kitchen. They offer refrigerated foods made with fresh meats, veggies, and seafood if you prefer the fresh options over dry foods.

Treats & Extras

Along with regular food, Global Pet Foods offers a wide range of treats and extras for pets. You will find a wide variety of dental chews for dogs that provide a fun treat and help clean tartar and plaque build-up on the teeth. Aisles are constantly stocked with quick treats for all pets, including special themes and designs based around holidays and celebrations.

Reward Programs

Anyone who shops at Global Pet Foods in Newmarket Plaza has an opportunity to join the free rewards program and earn for purchases. Use the Global Pet Foods app to sign up for an account or sign-up right inside the store. Every purchase will earn you rewards towards free bags of food or other products. You can track rewards at anytime or qualify for other promotions like free air miles or discounts for seniors. Promotions and rewards offer the best ways to save money on premium pet food.

Visit Global Pet Foods and see everything they have to offer for your pet. Trained associates can help you find specific brands or recommend new food options based on their breed and dietary restrictions.