Finding employment is not a journey you need to go into alone. With the help of Job Skills at Newmarket Plaza, you have the opportunity to find employment, get training, or get back on your feet again if you’ve had a sudden job loss. Learn more about their professional services and ways they expand beyond just job postings.

Job Seekers

Seeking a new job or career change? Job Skills at Newmarket Plaza partners with many services to help find jobs or careers. Instead of going into the process alone, Job Skills will pair you with a trained Employment Consultant to help you find a job that fits your skills, needs, and desires. Employment Consultants can work with you on customized options, including different groups like youth or persons with disabilities.

Through their training, Employment Consultants can help pair you with Job Search Workshops or Employment Settlement Services.

Job Fairs

Along with standard employment services, Job Skills at Newmarket Plaza will often host job fairs right at their business. At a job fair, you can connect directly with employees, find out about open positions, and apply for jobs on the spot. A job fair will include information about specific companies and connect you with the right people to further your career. A job fair may also include interviews on the spot and the ability to fast-track your employment.

Check the Job Skills event calendar to see when future job fairs are scheduled and make it a priority to attend.

Self-Employment Training

If you want to start your own business or work from home, Job Skills at Newmarket Plaza will set you on a path with a wide range of services. Job Skills teams with the Self-Employment Pathways for Newcomers to help individuals build businesses and create a path that will help their new businesses thrive.

Visit Job Skills at Newmarket Plaza to see all of the current opportunities and ways to expand your career goals.