Enjoy Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine at Saraye Khayyam Restaurant

Eat out and eat healthy with a vast menu of options available at Saraye Khayyam Persian Restaurant in Newmarket Plaza. Serving up authentic Mediterranean cuisine on a daily basis, you have the opportunity to dine in or order online for meals to go.

Traditional Persian Foods

Choose from a wide range of eclectic Persian flavors with Saraye Khayyam Restaurant’s signature dishes. Options include the Sabzi Polo. The dish comes with basmati rice, dill, and garlic. Choose from either a whole fish or a fish fillet with the meal.

The Newmarket Plaza location also serves chicken-based meals like Tahchin or Morassa Polo. Enjoy a wide range of traditional stews like Ghormeh Sabzi, Fesenjan, or Gheimeh. The stews include layers of flavor that cook for long amounts of time and include meats like veal and chicken.

Saraye Khayyam Restaurant Kabab Platters

Order a large range of flavorful meats with the kebab platters offered at Saraye Khayyam Restaurant. A typical platter with include two meat-based kebabs. Choose the same kebab twice, or mix two flavors together. Kebabs come served with a freshly grilled tomato and a large portion of basmati rice. Meat options include veal, chicken, Cornish hen, tenderloin fillets, or lamb rack.

Fresh Salads at Newmarket Plaza

Saraye Khayyam Restaurant is an ideal place if you seek healthy eating options like fresh salads. For traditional Mediterranean cuisine options, order the Greek salad, which comes topped with feta cheese and black olives. Persian flavors are also added to the mix with salad options like the Shirazi salad or the Saraye Khayyam salad. You have multiple choices for dressing, but the Saraye Khayyam salad comes with its own signature Khayyam dressing.

Stop in and see everything we have to offer at the Saraye Khayyam Restaurant in the Newmarket Plaza. Order online for faster service and download a full menu to see all of our options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.