Experience the ultimate relaxation as you treat your body with the Nevskaya Steam Room at Newmarket Plaza. Comfort and relaxation are the key goals at the steam room and bath house where no reservations are required and visitors can truly treat their bodies to multiple forms of relaxation.

Flat-Fee Payments

When you visit the Nevskaya Steam Room at Newmarket Plaza, you do not have to worry about paying extra costs for different services or add-on options. A flat fee of $40 covers your entry and complete use of the facilities. The entry fee includes a bathrobe, bath towel, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bath sheets, and complimentary teas.

The only additional purchases include food or alcohol. After you pay your fee, you are free to enjoy the facilities for as long as you want except on the weekends when visits are limited to four hour windows due to the high demand.

Steam Room Options

At the Nevskaya Steam Room at Newmarket Plaza, you have a lot of areas to enjoy during your visit. Two saunas offer relaxation in the heat and you could also spend time relaxing in infrared and steam rooms. After visiting the steam rooms, you could take a plunge in the cold pool or relax in one of the lounge areas. A locker area allows you to keep your items secure and protected for the duration of your time. A dining area gives you the opportunity to enjoy food or a cup of the complimentary tea.

Daily Themes

The schedule for the Nevskaya Steam Room varies and often features different themes. For example, some weekdays may include a women-only day where no men are allowed. Other days may include a men-only day with no women allowed. Several days are dedicated family days where anyone over he age of 12 is allowed to purchase entry and use all of the services.

The Nevskaya Steam Room at Newmarket Plaza is open every day of the week except on Mondays. Check their official website for updated hours.