Newmarket Guardian Drugs Offers Dedicated Patient Care

When you need prescriptions, medical advice, or health products, you can trust the locally owned and operated pharmacy Newmarket Guardian Drugs. Located in the heart of Newmarket Plaza, the location is easy to find and transfer all your prescriptions too. With professional pharmacists and flexible hours, you can make Newmarket Guardian Drugs your go-to pharmacy for years to come.

Prescriptions & Vaccinations

Easily fill your prescriptions and stay up to date with the latest vaccinations. When you open an account with Newmarket Guardian Drugs, you have the opportunity to download the mobile app and keep track of all your prescriptions. Know when you have refills due or when you last had vaccinations like flu shots or the COVID-19 vaccination.

Prescriptions are filled in a timely manner and a pharmacist can answer any questions you have about specific drugs or medications.

Wellness Consultations

Trained pharmacists at Newmarket Guardian Drugs can provide you with a wellness consultation that will cover a broad range of topics. For example, if you want to quit smoking, then a wellness consultation can focus on smoking cessation. This includes possible prescriptions, over-the-counter products, and diet changes to help you curb habits. Pharmacists can over common side effects or signs of withdrawal that will help you cope and get over the hurdle.

Other wellness consultations may include topics like travel tips. When you go to different time zones or travel abroad, pharmacists will go over recommended adjustments and ways to properly manage certain medications.

Quality Health Products

Along with prescriptions, Newmarket Guardian Drugs offers multiple aisles of over-the-counter healthcare products. This includes skincare, vitamins, medicated shampoos, or physical support products like back braces. A pharmacist can recommend specific products based on your ailments. Weekly sales help you save on various products as well.

Visit Newmarket Guardian Drugs in the Newmarket Plaza and make the local pharmacy your ideal location for all your health needs.