Enjoy High-Quality Cuts at Persia Meat Shop

With over 35 years of butchery experience, Persia Meats in Newmarket Plaza offers professional cuts and the highest quality meats you can find in the region. When you order from an experienced butcher like the Persia Meat Shop, you can count on superior quality and taste.

Fresh Ontario Grass-fed Veal

Veal offers rich flavors and versatile options, especially when you order fresh cuts. The Newmarket Plaza location offers a wide range of veal options. Prepare for a wide range of dishes with pre-cut stewe veal pieces or ground veal. Make burgers, sandwiches, and other recipes with veal cut into cutlets or pressed into burgers.

Explore some exotic meal options with cuts of veal tongue, Koobideh kebabs, or veal flanks with bones attached. The Newmarket Plaza location always has a fresh assortment to choose from and a butcher can prepare as much as you need.

Chicken Cuts at Persia Meat Shop

Along with meats like veal and lamb, the Persia Meat shop offers a wide variety of chicken cuts. Let a butcher perfectly prepare meat for you through their wide variety of options.

Order chicken breasts, chicken wings, chicken legs, or ground chicken. If you prefer, you could order a whole chicken. Along with fresh chicken, Persia Meat Shop offers a variety of marinated chicken options. Choose from flavorful and spicy options so all you need to do is simply cook the chicken when you are ready to eat.

Fresh Cold Cut Halal

Don’t question the food you order at other places when Persia Meat Shop has a wide selection of cold cut Halal ready for slicing. Some of the options include premium spicy or smoked beef jambon, spicy BBQ beef sausage, and beef sausage with cheese.

With a fresh stock always available, stop by Persia Meat Shop in Newmarket Plaza to see their wide variety and selection of fresh meats to help you prepare for a feast or just for your everyday meal planning.