Newmarket Plaza is home to the main office of Qualicare Family Homecare. If you have a relative who needs a little extra support, but still wants to live independently, then consider the services of Qualicare Family Homecare for your loved ones.

In-House Personal Support

An in-house personal support agent will visit the home of a loved one set on a specific schedule. The personal support can include cleaning, cooking, organizing, or just spending time with a loved one. The support staff may watch TV with them, play games, or provide conversation. The completion of daily tasks and needs will make your visits more meaningful as you can spend some cherished time with a loved one rather than completing the tasks yourself.

Nursing Services

Some of the in-home care may go beyond basic needs. For example, a loved one may need the administration of medicine or injections. Hire Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses to visit loved ones. Along with meds, they could have provide physical help, treat ailments, and perform various exams to ensure the person remains in good health. Set up a schedule that fits your needs. For example, you could have an in-house personal support worker there one day a week and a nurse come on another day.

Daily Outings

Mobility issues or the inability to drive could impact how often a person is able to go out. Qualicare Family Homecare workers can help with daily outings. The outings may include errands like trips to the grocery store or fun trips like a visit to a park or special event. Once you sign up a loved one for the services, you can plan out a proper schedule and ensure they have someone there with them to provide transportation and companionship.

Visit the main office of Qualicare Family Healthcare at Newmarket Plaza to find out more information.