When printer ink feels like it costs more than liquid gold, you may look for ways to save money and still have access to high-quality ink. This is where Island Ink-Jet comes in. The one-stop shop provides everything you need for your printer ink and other printer services.

Printer Ink Refills

One of the main highlights at Island Ink-Jet is the ability to easily refill ink cartridges. Bring in cartridges from any ink manufacturer and Island Ink Jet can refill them in a matter of minutes. A quick seal will prevent ink leaks on your way home or before you can put the cartridges back in the printer. Not only can you save money with the service, but you will help reduce waste and help the environment at the same time.

New & Re-manufactured Ink

Even if you don’t have ink cartridges to refill, Island Ink Jet can still serve you. They offer a wide range of new and re-manufactured ink cartridges. The recycled ink will cost less than retail and still work with your printer. Along with standard ink cartridges, you can find toners made for laser printers. Recycled toner can save a lot money and offer you ways to prints hundreds of pages with one set of toner.

Printing Services

Stop into Island Ink Jet for a variety of other printing services as well. The store offers a wide range of modern printer and copy machine options ideal for both home and office. Fax papers or make bulk photocopies using the state of art machines. Island Ink Jet offers these services for last minute needs or regular business use. The store also offers printer repair services if you’re suffering through major printing issues.

Come visit Island Ink Jet at Newmarket Plaza to see all of the services they have to offer and to ensure your printer needs get taken care of.