Children can accelerate their math and reading knowledge with the support of trained professionals at the Yonge & Davis Kumon Math and Reading Centre. Part of the national Kumon learning program, the instructional methods provide children with surefire ways to teach children key concepts beyond what they learn in the classroom.

Child’s Assessment

The first element of a Kumon Math and Reading program is the child’s assessment. The assessment will test on a child in different grade-level achievements to see where they are strong and where skills need to improve. From there, the experienced instructors can provide a six-month plan that will help a child improve and lead to more success in varying subjects. The six-month plan helps a child set goals and gives them something to work towards through weekly classes and lessons.

Newmarket Plaza Classes

Unlike a traditional school year, the classes available at a Yonge & David Kumon Math and Reading Centre will run year-round. The classrooms in Newmarket Plaza offer an intimate learning setting that eliminates distractions and allows a child to focus on the work at hand. For parents, the Newmarket Plaza offers a lot of convenience. While children attend classes, parents can complete errands, go grocery shopping, or visit one of the other businesses at the plaza.

Virtual Learning

The Yonge & Davis Kumon Math and Reading Centre also offers virtual classes for families. Sometimes coming to the Newmarket Plaza on a regular basis could present challenges with work schedules, but the virtual classes allows a child to complete their work from the comfort of home. You can create a quiet work area in the home and children can attend multiple virtual classes each week. Virtual classes are available on Mondays and Fridays while traditional classes are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 3:30.

Make an appointment with us at the Yonge & Davis Kumon Math and Reading Centre to learn more about our learning programs and ways we can help your child excel at math and reading.